Another Man’s Moment of Clarity

So. The book is done, or at least my portion of it is done. It’s off to the printers. It appears that my life for the foreseeable future will consist of people taking me to task for all of the missing beers (and there are thousands; we only reviewed 250) and wrong ratings my name is attached to. There are worse gigs, though

Today I stumbled across a beer blog that I’m totally digging, from a place I wouldn’t have expected. The Beer Nut lives in Ireland—Dublin, even—and he’s got a lot to say about beers of the world, and the local stuff, too. His take on Irish beer is of particular interest to me, since there’s so little of it over here, and what we get is… well, it’s Guinness. I’m sure everyone reading this has an opinion on that beer.

We tasted only five putatively Irish beers for the book: Guinness Draught, Guinness Extra, Smithwick’s, Harp, and Murphy’s. The Guinness is actually made in eastern Canada; the Smithwick’s and Harp likely are as well. The Murphy’s is the only one I’m sure has seen the British Isles, and it’s produced in, uh, Scotland. All of these beers underwhelm me, and particularly irritating is the sense that underwhelming is exactly what they’re shooting for.

So it’s nice to see a lot of my opinions about these beers reflected in The Beer Nut’s blog, along with direct evidence that Ireland can do better, both with stouts and other styles. And it’s always a pleasure to find a lucid, active blogger. His entries are a pleasure to read.

I’ve some vague fantasies about doing a book for Americans on drinking in England. I might have to extend that to the beers of all the islands, and pay a visit.

I particularly liked the entry titled A moment of clarity on discovering a world that didn’t include Guinness in every pub.


2 Responses to “Another Man’s Moment of Clarity”

  1. Riley Says:

    It’s a funny thing; here you can buy Guiness either in bottles or in tall cans with the pseudo-draft nitrogen capsules. The cans claim to be imported from Dublin, while the bottled stuff is brewed under licence by Labatt. I suppose that’s what you folks are drinking.

  2. Hopster Says:

    There are two forms of bottled Guinness here, “Guinness Draught” (with the nitro widget, also in cans) and Guinness Extra, which is stronger and has no widget. I’m pretty sure all the nitro stuff is brewed in Canada, and I’m not sure about the Extra.

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