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Another Man’s Moment of Clarity

March 16, 2010

So. The book is done, or at least my portion of it is done. It’s off to the printers. It appears that my life for the foreseeable future will consist of people taking me to task for all of the missing beers (and there are thousands; we only reviewed 250) and wrong ratings my name is attached to. There are worse gigs, though

Today I stumbled across a beer blog that I’m totally digging, from a place I wouldn’t have expected. (more…)


Brief updates

March 6, 2010

The Beer Trials is nearly finished; it will be off to the printers early this coming week. I expect to be posting much more regularly here in the coming weeks, and I may have an opportunity to do some guest blogging at a major bookseller’s website when the book is out. The last few weeks were a crazy flurry of work, and it’s nice to slow down a bit.