Getting Back to Where We’ve Been

Here’s an update to my current beer To-Do list:

  • Re-clamp gas system for basement draft setup (there’s a leak)
  • Refill CO2 tank (… there’s a leak)
  • Keg 10 gallons of hoppy rye beer
  • Bottle half of the Scotch Ale
  • Keg the other half
  • Update the fittings and connectors on the immersion chiller to allow combined immersion/counterflow chilling for the next brew
  • Write a book about beer

Wait, what? A book?

Yes. A book. Fearless Critic Media has hired me to write The Beer Trials, a companion to their wine guide The Wine Trials 2010. It’s coming out awfully soon, too: we’re expecting to hit bookstores in March.

The upshot of this is that I’m going to be… rather busy for the next few months. I’ll do my best to keep up with the list above, and update this blog with interesting notes about the book. In fact, I’ve been wanting to do that for the last few hectic weeks, but I thought it best to wait until my participation was a done deal to announce it here. Which it certainly seems to be, now.

In fact, I’m already a published Fearless Critic contributor, with the release this week of the Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide.

My editor and co-author, Robin Goldstein, and Fearless Critic associate Alexis Herschkowitsch are in town this week, and we’ve been very busy preparing for an important piece of the research for the book: a tasting experiment taking place this weekend at the Green Dragon. From 1-5PM on Saturday and Sunday we’ll be serving samples of beer along with a simple survey. If you’re interested in drinking some beer in the name of science, feel free to drop in.

Exciting times to be a software engineer on sabbatical. Hope I see you at the pub.


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